Returning to work

I qualified as a Realtor in 2007. But I haven't sold a property in the past 4 years. I have referred clients to other agents, yes, but I have not been out there in the field since 2015. Oh, hang on, it's 2020, so that seems like it could actually be 5 years.

Why, you ask? Well, without going into the boring details, my life has been in turmoil for the past 4/5 years. I have lived between England and Canada in that time. I recently counted how many flights that has entailed. It is a LOT.  

But recently, I made a decision to return to Canada for an extended time, so that I could get my teeth back into the biz.

And so, here I am. I flew back to Canada in December, joined a new brokerage, picked up a client and listed a house, all within 3 weeks. Said house has an accepted offer already but I am not here to show off. I am here to tell you... it's good to be back.

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